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Licial ®

  A brand new line of nonwoven fabrics taking advantage of the latest spunlace production technology to help you bring quality and innovative products to your customers .

With its specific hydraulic entanglement of cellulose pulp
and polyester fibers INOTIS has created a productrange which can be designed in function of the specific market requirements.

Thanks to the process and the materials used Licial ® is a product superior to other nonwovens if you are looking for a combination of some or all of the following characteristics:


The technology of spunlace and especially the latest version used in the recently built production line provides excellent barrier properties with exceptional uniformity of the product.


This has many different aspects in all of which Licial® shows high performance:
•  Truly exceptional level of DRAPABILITY; no other spunlace comes
so  close to textiles
• SOFT TOUCH second to none in the world of nonwovens


Spunlacing allows an entanglement of fibers with no use at all of binders or adhesives. The resulting high purity of the fabric minimizes the possibility of product contamination and allergic reactions


Virtually no linting due to a strong entanglement of the fiber structure by the hydroentanglement process.


Even if Licial® has excellent barrier properties it can be designed in such a way that the product becomes very absorbent. Both a hydrophyllic and hydrophobic solution are possible. If your product needs to be absorbent the process to make Licial® allows to make optimum use of the superior absorption characteristics of the woodpulp contained in the fabric.


The strong entanglement by the spunlacing process typically provides a high strength and elongation level as well as dimensional stability.


As already mentioned the liquid repellency level can be designed to customer specification. The process and fibers used also allow different finishes and colours.

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