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MAY 06

Licial® for surgical garments has been tested as conforming to EN 13795-3 requirements

Although EN 13795 is primarily directed towards medical device manufacturers, INOTIS wants to assure its Licial® fabric effectively allows clients to produce according to this newly approved norm.
Even if results of earlier internal and client testing gave INOTIS full confidence it was decided to seek confirmation by independent testing authorities. Tests at the IFTH (France) and CENTEXBEL (Belgium) confirmed that Licial® is capable to allow clients to make products in line with EN 13795-3.

Licial® declared fully biocompatible

Independent external testing has proved Licial® to be biocompatible. The tests, performed at BIOMATECH (France) of the NAMSA company showed that Licial® does not cause any primary skin irritation. It also meets dermal sensitization and cytotoxicity requirements.



Licial® cleanroom fabric bas been tested and officially approved in the market

For the first time Licial© cleanroom fabric has been tested in the market and received full approvals on:

NVR (DI water and IPA), FT-IR (no detection of Silicone oil, Amide or Phthalate ester), extreme Ionic Content (tested on Chloride, Sulphate, Ammonium and total anions), LPC (equal or less than
0.5 uni), absorbency.



Objective accomplished to transfonn whole INOTIS production hall into near cleanroom environment type of cleanliness

During December and January major modifications to the production hall have transformed the the entire 1NOTIS production hall into an environment which is second to none in the industry as far as cleanliness is concerned and which brings the environment in which production takes place closer to cleanroom circumstances. An elaborate filtration system with FFU's washes the air of the production hall continuously whilst at the same time maintaining the effective air pressure of the hall higher than extemally. This system ensures an overall reduction in LPC which can be measured in the end product when it reaches the client.


INOTIS has added creped versions to its Licial® productrange

In order to meet specific customer demands, INOTIS bas added versions to ils Licial® range which are micro-creped. This allows the fabric, for certain application fields, to have better wiping characteristics due to increase bulkiness and the specific dimensional pattern which is being added.

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